The last time I set up a book table, I couldn’t believe I had 6 books to display! And by the time I do the next one, there will be 7. You can sample the first chapter of all my books here.

As always, my goal is to bring you stories about real life Christianity – the struggles, defeats, victories and triumphs. I hope my characters mirror real life Christians who start out rough around the edges, struggling with sin issues, but who allow the Spirit of God to lead them to healing, deliverance and hope.

Thanks to all the readers and book clubs that have supported my writing career and made it impossible for me to give it up. Seems like every time I made my “final decision” to quit writing, I would get an email or Facebook comment that made me realize that my writing was touching people’s lives. As long as you keep reading, I’ll keep writing. 🙂

Then underneath, leave the rest as it is with each book and each excerpt there.