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Statistics says that single, professional African American women have a very slim chance of finding a mate. Could the reason be that they do not know what they want? Or, is it that they set their standards so high, their ideal man does not exist? In Sherri Lewis’ third novel, The List, Michelle, Angela and Lisa are tired of waiting on their Mr. Right to find them, so they decide to give God a little help.

Michelle, divorced for five years, is ready to start dating and get married so she can have that family she has been longing for. Lisa, celibate for nine years is waiting on her ideal Mr. Right to find her. Angela, a 41year-old virgin has been patiently waiting on the Lord to send her the right man. Their lack of prospective dates could stem from them limiting their search for eligible men from church or work. To increase their odds, the women try internet dating. But, before signing up, they first need to compile a list of characteristics the potential husband must possess. Their venture into Internet dating sets the stage for hilarious experiences.

The List is Christian fiction and dating the Christian way is the main focus. Throughout the novel, Dr. Lewis offers the single reader many things to ponder about why God has not answered the ladies’ prayers. Could it be they just are not ready? What are they doing while waiting? What are their finances like? Does she keep her home clean? Does she cook? And does she really know what she wants? Hence the reason for a list. How can God bless you with the man you desire and you do not know the kind of man you want? I found the novel to be thought-provoking and it offered good advice to those in the dating game. I think fans of Christian fiction will enjoy this inspiring, yet funny novel.

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