Welcome to my website.

Ever since I quit my job as a Family Doctor, my life has been one huge adventure! The most amazing life you can live is one where you “dream with God” with crazy faith and limitless possibilities! I hope that sharing my life will inspire you to refuse to live a normal life and a take a journey with the Father into your own beautiful God adventure.

Right now, I’m living in Cameroon, West Africa in a small town called Buea where I’ve started the Bethel Cameroon School of Supernatural Ministry. We’re in our 4th year now and it’s been one of the most amazing experiences of my life! You can learn more about the school on the Bethel Cameroon page.  I hope you’ll also be inspired by listening to my sermons.With-the-Maasai-warriors-in-Kenya-1000x288You can follow me and my adventures in Africa on Facebook check out all my pictures of me fetching water, cooking African cuisine, hanging out with in a Maasai village in Kenya, chilling at the beach, and loving on my kids at my school.

My 6th novel, Becoming Mrs. Right is the sequel to Finding Mrs. Wright. You can read the first chapter of all of my novels on the books page.

About four and half years ago when I moved to Cameroon, I conceived a story. The pregnancy was long and at times overwhelming. The labor and delivery was difficult and painful, but Bessem’s Song, an Inspirational Short Story is now available. My first short story inspired by my new life in Africa. Read a synopsis on the ebooks page and look out for more independently published projects in the future.