Coming Soon – Bessem’s Song

Bessem's Song by Sherri L. Lewis

About four and half years ago when I moved to Cameroon, I conceived a story. The pregnancy was long and at times overwhelming. The labor and delivery was difficult and painful, but Bessem’s Song, An Inspirational Short Story is now available for pre-order. My first short story inspired by my new life in Africa.

Here is a synopsis:

Achale Oben has a simple, happy life growing up in her Cameroonian village playing tabala and scizo, swimming in the Manyu River, and helping Mama and Papa on the farm. But when tragedy strikes the family, she and her sisters are packed up to go live with their aunt. Achale’s biggest concern goes from being first in her primary school class to protecting her sisters, Bessem and Baby Arrah from their abusive aunt and uncle. As Achale watches her fragile sister, Bessem, go from being a happy, singing child to an almost mute, fearful one, she’s willing to do anything to save her – even risk her own life. When she realizes that Baby Arrah is in danger, she has to make some decisions that no eleven year-old child should have to make. With all that they’ve suffered, Achale wonders whether she can trust God to protect them. And even if He can somehow save them from their troubles, will Achale ever again hear Bessem’s song?

SERMON | The Most Compelling Thing

The Most Compelling Thing – 1/6/13

All of creation is groaning and waiting for the sons of God to rise up and live as the Kingdom citizens we were created to be. Jesus is a King who is called to rule the whole world – NOW – and that rule is supposed to be accomplished through you and me. What is your role in manifesting the Kingdom of God on the earth?

SERMON | How Does Heaven See Me?

How Does Heaven See Me? –  8/20/2012

After a difficult year at Bethel Cameroon, I was defeated, discouraged, and ready to completely quit ministry. An amazing encounter with God helped me to see myself as heaven sees me – a victorious warrior queen. How does heaven see you and how can you operate in your identity as a Kingdom citizen?

SERMON | A Year in Cameroon

A Year in Cameroon –  8/2/2011

A recap of my first year as Director of Bethel Cameroon. After living an amazing year of destiny, I challenge you to discover your purpose and destiny. There’s no greater life than living in a God adventure!

SERMON | The God Zone

The God Zone  – 1/22/2011

Discover God’s heart and His passion for the world. Then discover your purpose and destiny and how it fits in with God’s plan and you’ll find yourself in the God Zone – an amazing place where all things work together for good. When your plans and God’s plans line up, you’ll receive vision, provision, angelic protection and life fulfillment.